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Photography Tips

4 Easy Things Bloggers & Beginners Can Do to Improve Their Photographs

This post is for bloggers that want to share their pictures on their website or social media.  This is for bloggers that realize their pictures are not very good. Honestly, they know their pictures  suck.  Realistically, this person’s pictures may be horrible. Dark. Blurry.  Or, maybe this person’s pictures are just blah…boring. Nothing special.  This …

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Resources Writing Tips

2019: What is a Keyword & How Should You Be Using Keywords

This post is meant to answer some of the most FAQ (frequently asked questions).  FAQ such as,  “What  is a keyword? Why keyword research important?  Do we still need to be doing keyword researching in 2019? I will also discuss how to use keywords in a way so that you will increase your chances of …

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Just Thinking

What is an Avatar (in the business context)?

What is an avatar? Lately, I have been hearing the word, “avatar” in the business context over and over again. Some mega successful lifestyle bloggers stress the importance of understanding what your avatars look like. Affiliate marketing trainers say that it is important to understand the difference between Google’s avatars and Bing’s avatars. Even graphic …

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Video Tips

5 Benefits of Adding Video To Your Website

Video is powerful. Videos also seem to be getting more popular by the day. The two largest video sharing platforms, YouTube and Instagram are both proudly boast that they have over 1 billion users EACH month. YouTube’s most recent numbers are 1.9 billion users logging in. Instagram currently has 1.1 billion users logging in each …

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Writing Tips

How To Get On The First Page of Google for Free- Satisfy Your Reader

Do want to get on the first page of Google for free? If so, make sure that each post your write is satisfying. Make sure that your website as a whole is satisfying. Why? Google LOVES the word, “Satisfying.” Google wants its customers, the people that use the Google search engine, to be satisfied. It …

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Affiliate Marketing Writing Tips

3 Common Mistakes That Can Get You Blocked or Banned from an Affiliate Program or Social Media

Practically everything that you sign up for on the internet, requires you to approve or acknowledge that you agree to follow the companies terms and/or program policies. I choose to refer to this as the fine print, even though it may be in a normal font. The problem is that it is long and boring. …